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Sharon Rene Enterprises


Bee+Hive Artist Collective

Bee+Hive Artist Collective is a creative community that provides a platform for artists to showcase their work. Our collective includes artists from various backgrounds and mediums. We aim to create a space for collaboration, inspiration, and learning.

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Sharon Rene Photography

Sharon Rene Photography is a full-service photography studio that specializes in capturing life's most precious moments. Our team of experienced photographers will work with you to create beautiful, timeless images that you'll cherish for years to come.

RA Essentials

RA Essentials is a clothing line that embraces the inherent connection between nature and style. Our creations are meticulously crafted using the finest natural elements, aiming to enrich your wardrobe, spirit, and sense of self.


Sharon Rene's mixed media art is a deeply personal and captivating journey into the world of creativity. Her artistic process involves crafting canvases that are as unique as they are inspiring. Using carefully selected clippings from magazines, she masterfully blends textures and patterns, transforming each canvas into a tapestry of dreams and aspirations. What makes Sharon's approach truly remarkable is her connection to the concept of vision boards – each piece becomes a visual manifestation of desires, a vibrant mosaic of intentions brought to life. With every creation, Sharon breathes life into the power of artistic expression, inviting us to explore the intricate details of her work while igniting our own imaginations. Through her mixed media art, Sharon Rene opens a door to a realm where creativity merges with intention, offering a glimpse into the beautifully woven tapestry of her artistic soul.

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Sharon Rene Enterprises

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